Porte Bonheur,is a French word meaning joy,success,
having good luck and being free from misfortune.
"We live in a World where our values can become easily
shattered.I feel that happiness is something you must
seize on your own.And this is the spirit I wanted to express."
The jewelry of Taeko Nakata is more than
just a piece of jewelry.
It is spiritual and meaningful,with each and
every natural stone having its own meaning.
It is a charm that protects and enhances
the well-being of the individual and her design
presents the natural beauty of each and every stone.

The unique design,with the collaboration
of stone and silver woven together,
is influenced by taeko's Japanese,orientalensitivity,
and modern Asian concept.
While being a corporate designer and
having 25 years of experience in textile design,
Taeko was inspired by antique stone,
and rare objects of historical value.

This eventually lead to her original pieces of
work using antique,and semi-precious stones
and natural material.
She spends time to travel,in search of the
finest quality semi-precious stones
and antique stone to add to her collections.
Taeko offers a wide variety of chic and
stylish design for both men and women of all ages,
hoping it will contribute to ones positive energy.